Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women are sweet... and they LOVE their sweets!!!!

Unfortunately, sugar cravings are NOT always a good thing.  I'm the first to admit that the words "that's too sweet" have never as a phrase dropped from my lips.  And while I can easily pass the slice of cake (even cheesecake) and most cookies, I'm a GONER when it comes to brownies, Italian pastries, and anything "goopy"!  Over the holidays I overindulged my ravenous sweet tooth (trust me, bigger than the Grand Canyon), and I am still paying with a few extra pounds that I'm working off and those awful cravings.

Today I read a blog posting by Stephanie over at the blog site "Keeper of the Home" dealing with the topic of sugar cravings.  I think it addresses the subject well, and so I'm sharing the link with you here today:

Additionally, has an article entitled "The Best Sugar-Saving Restaurant Swaps" addressing the high added sugar content in much of our food.  Here's the link:

My body always tells me when I've had too much sugar.  I get a sugar "hangover" where my head aches and I am utterly lethargic the day after, as if I were walking through a pool of gray Jell-O!  It's not pretty...  and it's not worth it.  When I look at a brownie now, I remember the old addage "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips."  I calculate - if I scoff this bad boy down in the normal three bites, the moment of indulgence will less than five minutes.  Now how long will it take me at the gym to work it off?  30 minutes?  45?  An hour or more if I reach for the second brownie?  Is it worth it... really?!?!?!

Today, exercise your "step away from the sugar" muscles, consider how much sugar you are loading into your body, and reconsider options that will get rid of most of it!  You will truly feel soooo much better!!!

Sweetest of blessings,

Coach Linda Bush

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