Monday, December 5, 2011

Messy Monday

I don’t know about you, but my internal clutter is reflected in my external life. I tend to get a bit messy or lax when I’m juggling too much and racing around. I don’t put things away as well as I normally do, and it just makes life that more difficult for me. The shoes get tossed in the closet, the mail on the desk, and the messier it gets, the more frustrated and internally messy and unorganized I feel. You know those shows on TV where they go in and try to help hoarders clean up their lives? Well, while my house/car/desk aren’t like that, sometimes I feel as if my mind is – little pathways to the main events, with stacks of thoughts piled sky high on either side.

Today let’s work on exercising our unclutter muscles. Take one or two 15-minute blocks of time and declutter your desk, kitchen, office, bedroom – wherever it’s looming at you the hardest – and declutter. Then… get a pad and paper and write down/declutter your brain with things that you need to do. At least that way you’ll have it written down – oh yes, and make sure it’s all written in one notebook, or phone – NOT on sticky notes or a bit of paper here or there!!

Start the week off right, because it’s only going to get more hectic with each passing day for awhile. Breath, declutter and feel internally and externally lighter.


(illustration by Paul Foreman)

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