Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

We all know those people who go through life with big ol’ sourpuss face – like they’ve been sucking on lemons. These are the folks that will find the negative in ANYTHING! I think of them as idea snipers, energy vampires, and wet blankets who seem to glory in find any and every inconceivable reason why something cannot be accomplished. They stand with the iron clad list of rules in one hand, and the past in the other. “Well, we’ve ALWAYS done it THIS way…” or “But this is what the rules say…” Stick to the routine, the same mundane, the path of least resistance – that’s their mantra. Oh, I don’t think they mean to drag everyone down – maybe it’s the way they were raised, or life has just been hard on them. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be a monkey wrench in a great new idea, nor take the joy out of the moment. The saddest thing is, in my estimation, is that these are the folks that rarely seem to spontaneously break out in laughter or find the delight in everyday living.

While I can be nauseatingly positive, I have also found myself with a lousy attitude of “Nope, won’t work, can’t do that, I’m just gonna sit here and look at the world through grey-colored glasses!” I can be as cantankerous and stubborn as the next gal, especially when I’m stressed and tired and overloaded.

So here’s my suggestion for today – let’s all really exercise our laughter muscles. Look at the humor in a given situation – look hard if you have to, but make a concerted effort to find something at which to smile, laugh, or give it the old bahonkin’ belly laugh! Hunt down the ho-ho-ho, honey! Find the fun. If someone is annoying you, imagine them speaking in a squeaky voice. Turn the tables on a bad situation. For example, last Thursday I was coming out of a building, walked around the back (where, thank goodness, no one could see me), and I just PLOP – tripped and fell flat on my hands and knees. The good news was, nothing was broken and my favorite gym pants weren’t ripped! I just laughed at myself, and was thankful there was no audience to see my bruised knee and ego! When I think of one person who is a professional wet blanket, and has more whine in her than most vineyards, I just think of her as Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, and then try to think how sad it must be to live like that – it helps my heart stay tender, and my brain from exploding.

Do something outrageously at home! If the hubs or kids are acting up at the dinner table, start a food fight! Okay, it’s not exactly the prim and proper way to discipline and you’ll have to clean up afterwards, but imagine the laughter and the memories – priceless! Sit down and watch a comedy movie or sitcom. Find time to laugh. Never lose your sense of humor – it is crucial to survival.

Giggles and blessings,

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