Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

My favorite - Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil!
Wild Women try new things!

In the last several months I have been discovering the benefits of coconut oil.  It is now my go-to product for skin cleanser/moisturizer, the base oil for sugar scrubs, oil pulling for dental/oral hygiene (click HERE for details and yes, it has made my teeth whiter), hair conditioner (itsy bit for me on the ends only), leg shaving oil, some cleansing around the house and all kinds of odd things!  Plus, it’s thrifty as well!  It is a solid oil than becomes a liquid when warmed, even by the heat of your skin.  Rather than list all the wonders of this natural oil, let me direct you to a few websites that will give you more ideas on the umpteen uses of coconut oil:

Note that there may be duplication of suggestions, and ALWAYS ALWAYS take or use any of these ideas at your OWN RISK!  Because coconut oil does contain a substantial amount of saturated fatty acids (fats), which are known to raise low density (bad) cholesterol, I don’t use it much internally, although I have also read that it can have positive effects on increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and lowering triglycerides.  CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE USING IT!!!! 

I would love to hear how you use coconut oil as well and your results!  Please email me at or add your comments here.

By the way, the photo I used is the actual brand of organic coconut oil I use by Spectrum.  You can buy it in a glass or plastic jar.  I prefer the plastic jar, as it can get oily and I’m a bit of a klutz sometimes.  (I’m not a paid promoter, by the way, I just like the stuff!)  Also, when I smooth it on after my shower before toweling dry, I let it soften up by sitting it at the bottom of the tub and letting the heat of the water soften it up – not something I’d recommend doing with a glass jar!  I’ve listed it as my “product of the month” for April! 

Go wild (or should I say nutty) with your coconut oil, ladies!


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