Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Target Trimmer Tuesday

There are 105 days until Christmas.  Now before you start throwing candy canes at me (and that especially means you, Renee), here’s the reason I’m mentioning this date.  105 days from now, what will you like to have accomplished?  Put yourself mentally into Christmas morning before all the craziness.  It’s quiet and you have a few moments of reflection.  As you think back to what has transpired since September 10th, 2013, look at what has happened and what you have done.  Now, c’mon back to today.  How will you make those achievements happen?  What do you need to do to put feet to those plans and goals?  In terms of health and wellness, what health goals would you like to attain?  Drop a few pounds?  Tone up a bit?  Lose some body fat?  Gain muscle?  Lower your cholesterol?  Blood pressure?  What can you begin TODAY, what plan of action must be set into place NOW?  For example, let’s say you’d like to drop 15 pounds by Christmas.  That’s only one little pound a week, a very manageable and safe goal.  One pound is 3,500 calories.  If you can create a deficit of 500 calories a day through a combination of eliminating a few hundred calories in your food intake and burning a few hundred more calories off, you will lose one pound a week.  Here are 20 ways to burn 300 calories outdoors:

  •   Frisbee: 80 minutes
  •   Volleyball (non-competitive): 80 minutes
  •   Archery (non-hunting): 69 minutes
  •   Horseback riding: 60 minutes
  •   Walking (3.5 mph): 60 minutes
  •   Planting seedlings, shrubs: 60 minutes
  •   Planting trees: 54 minutes
  •   Badminton: 54 minutes
  •   Weeding: 52 minutes
  •   Hopscotch: 49 minutes
  •   Skateboarding: 48 minutes
  •   Playing with kids (vigorous): 48 minutes
  •   Golf (carrying clubs): 44 minutes
  •   Horse grooming: 40 minutes
  •   Cross-country hiking: 40 minutes
  •   Rollerblading: 35 minutes
  •   Tennis: 35 minutes
  •   Biking 12-14 mph: 30 minutes
  •   Running 10-minute mile: 24 minutes
  •   Jumping rope: 24 minutes

Then all you have to do is drop 200 calories from your food intake.  Here’s a couple of websites and a few ideas that will assist you:

  •   Switch from regular cream cheese to light
  •   Hold the mayo on your next sandwich
  •   Order grilled chicken rather than fried
  •   Try baked potato fries instead of french fries
  •   Substitute a light dressing on your salad for one high in fat – even salad bars can be fattening!
  •   Forget the cheese on your next burger
  •   Wrap up half your next restaurant meal for leftovers
  •   Use a sugar substitute instead of real sugar
  •   Try egg beaters instead of eggs in a recipe
  •   Try mixing your soda, half regular and half diet
  •   Choose a bag of light popcorn over chips when you want a sweet snack, pick fruit over candy
  •   Pour salsa on your baked potato instead of butter or sour cream
  •   Use fat free half & half in coffee and baking

So start making those plans and goals, begin today and give yourself a holiday gift of a fitter and healthier YOU!


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