Friday, June 13, 2014

Think About It Thursday

I'm a big fan of Michael Hyatt, well-known speaker and author of the NY Times best-selling book "Platform".  He recently had an excellent article about minimizing your to-do list.  What?!?!?  My sacred, hold it tightly, mile-long security blanket to-do list?????  I broke out in a cold sweat just thinking about it... especially since the wedding is only 9 days away!!!  I recommend you read it for yourself - here's the link:

He shared a book that he felt really addressed the concept well:  "Essentialism:  The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" by Greg McKeown.  I've highlighted it as our book of the month for June - Kindle version (much more frugal).  Click on the title to purchase now.  Talk about a great summer read - and if you're a book person, here's the link to get it hard copy:  ESSENTIALISM

However, the point is that today I want you to think about how you can declutter and minimalize some things on your to-do list, in your closet, in your home, and in your life.  Just as you regularly clean your home, it's always a good habit to clean your routine/habits and "stuff".  I'm always amazed at how good I feel when I get rid of things - I feel lighter, less mentally and internally cluttered.  It's great and doesn't cost a THING.

So today, take a few moments to exercise your inner minimalist and clear out, cross off, toss out and declutter some little area of your life - take 15 minutes and pick one area, maybe even a hard look at that ominous to-do list that will take you until 2020 to complete (if it looks anything like mine, and I'm sure it does).  You'll be so glad you did.  Let's hear a big, collective "Ahhhhhhh...."  Yeah... that's better!


Coach Linda


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