Monday, September 17, 2012

Manic Monday

Welcome back to another week!

Today there was a very interesting article on Yahoo! Health asking if your job was killing you. While the stats were more geared towards guys, the new study in The Lancet found (no big surprise here) that working crazy hours and job strain set you up for heart disease. They had some interesting and thought-provoking suggestions on how to ease up your strain and I recommend you read the article fully at the link below under SOURCE.

Did you know that:

>> When you turn on your computer your breathing goes up 30%?

>> Drinking while stressed out prolongs your anxiety?

>> Rubbing your earlobes moves the tentorium membrane in your head, helping to relieve stress?

It only takes a few stress-relieving minutes to read, and you may find one or more of the suggestions helpful! Hmmm… now I wonder, would it be possible to get a study funded where you could determine how long you should drink until your anxiety is gone? (only kidding)

Coach Linda Bush


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