Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Motivational Monday

I recently was introduced to a new phrase that I’d never heard of before: No Plus or Minus Carryover”. The concept is great. It was adapted well in the blog postings of Margaret Lukens and Teri Johnson.

Margaret Lukens writes that if we do more than we expected on a given day, that’s great but don’t just rest on that. However, if you haven’t completed a task, don’t let it weigh you down and chain you to the burden of the perpetually undone to-do list. Just start again fresh on the next day. She brings this to us from a business perspective. This morning I was speaking with a colleague who said how he brings work home, then feels guilty that he’s doing it at the cost of spending time with his family. The briefcase looms large in the chair in the corner like a guilt monster haunting you the whole time you’re home. Been there, done that – HATED IT!

Teri Johnson takes a different perspective in speaking of letting go of the past, not carrying over all that baggage, but releasing it and starting brand new each morning, each day of your life. She asks: “What is one step you can take today to let go of something you’ve been hanging onto in the past… and live in the now?” Great question!

As you start this new week and new month and season, why not begin to let go of your baggage and start a fresh and unsullied to-do list? Toss the old one away – you may even find that many of your tasks weren’t really as necessary as you thought they might have been when you wrote them down. Start clean, simply and refreshingly new, like a cool autumn breeze.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. ~ William James

Coach Linda Bush


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