Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Step aaaaaawwwaaaayyyyyy from the sugar bowl!!!!!
Wild women are the sweetest women in the world - but... they need to be aware of their sugar intake!

Think those night sweats are the onset of menopause?  Blaming your mood swings on hormones?  Before you assume your body is going through “the change” (cue the music – DAH DU DAHHHHH!), check out how much sugar you are consuming. 

I have the worst sweet tooth in the world, but I know that if I consume sugars and artificial sweeteners like Spenda (generic name – sucralose – POISON STAY AWAY FROM IT) I will get an emotional drop and depression quicker than a junkie coming off a fix.

I want to share a blog posting that I found VERY informative on sugar and depression.  It’s from, and it’s entitled “Why Sugar is Dangerous to Depression”, written by Therese J. Borchard, Associate Editor.  Click HERE to link over to it.  There is some great info and several links to other resources, including Kathleen DesMaisons’ book “Potatoes Not Prozac.”  Sugar sensitivity could be affecting your moods.  For example, last night I was making some chocolate-covered pretzels for an upcoming event.  I have been fairly careful about eating any candies, chocolate and sweets as I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible.  I popped about 4-5 dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses during the preparation process, justifying it as “quality control” (yeah… right).  Well, gals, lemme tellya what – I am certainly feeling the after-effects now with a sugar hangover mood lower than a whale’s belly.  I have a wicked bad case of the blue meanies, the funk, whatever is your pet name for feeling crummy.  Tired, blue, irritable… and for no reason.  Otherwise, I’m logically feeling especially blessed.  And boy, do I hate this feeling.  So I’m drinking lots of water to try and flush my system, and am sticking to a veggies and protein food intake to cleanse and replenish myself.  I don’t like this yucky feeling at all!

I hope you will glean some good info from Borchard’s blog entry and begin to consider eliminating sugar from your system. 


Coach Linda

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