Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thrifty Tuesday

Well, the sunshine left with Monday and now it’s gray, muggy and pouring rain.  But… April showers bring May flowers, or so they say, which makes me think of gardening.  Now while my Grandmom instilled in me a passion for all things related to gardening, my pocketbook usually doesn’t have anywhere near enough in its dusty little corners to afford all I’d love to do with the garden, be it veggies, herb or flowers!  So what’s a girl to do?

One thing is to begin with seeds.  But even that can be an expensive endeavor, so here’s a few ideas I’ve come up with to help ease the financial burden and increase the pleasure of growing something with my own hands from seed!  Thanks to many articles and Pinterest posts that have helped me get creative!
  • To make little mini-seed starters, cut up paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls, fill them with dirt and plant your seeds in them.  They transplant easily into the ground as well – EZPZ!
  • Wash out your cans from canned goods and use them as planters.  Fill with dirt, seed ‘em up and go!  Be sure to poke some holes in the bottom for drainage (hammer and awl or screwdriver to make the holes).
  • Start making cuttings now – got any herb plants in your kitchen that you’d like to grow outside, like basil?  Cut them, put them in a jar of water, let them grow roots, and plant them.  This can be done with many herbs, and carrot tops, too!
  • Do you get take out or bring home food from a restaurant?  Instead of tossing it, wash it out, poke some holes in the bottom, fill it with dirt and start your seeds in it.
  • Rinse out those eggshells, gently fill them with dirt and put your seeds in them – again, easily transportable into your garden!  You can also use the egg cartons as individual pots – be sure to purchase paper crates so you can plant them directly into the ground.
Here’s a great blog posting by on how to make paper pots from recycled newspaper:

She’s also got a great post on how to start seeds indoors:

And if you prefer watching a video, here’s a link on making newspaper starting pots:

If you are an origami fan, make a box-shaped newspaper seed starter at:
  • Get together with friends and exchange plants.  Spring is a good time to thin out the gardens, so have a plant exchange!  And, if you are so inclined, put your baby plants/seedlings in a handmade pretty paper pot by using either the comics and following the above-mentioned square seed box video, or some pretty scrapbook or thicker tissue paper!
  • Once the season has begun, check out your local garden centers (like Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) for clearance plants.  They make look a bit droopy, dry and wilted, but you’d be surprised by how just a little TLC and water can perk them right up again!
  • Generally, I try to buy perennials when I do cough up cash for plants to get the most long-lasting season-after-season bang for my hard-earned buck!  Then keep a glass jar and will it with spare change for the occasional “I need annuals for color splash!” splurges! 

For more ideas go to my pinterest page on “How Does Your Garden Grow?” at

Also at Pinterest, be sure to visit this site: 

And let’s not forget that gardening is WONDERFUL exercise not only for your spirit but your body as well!
Here’s to starting your own bit of paradise in your backyard – how will your garden grow?


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