Monday, April 29, 2013

Makeover Monday

The Beauty of Camping in Cape May
I had the most wonderful weekend camping – the weather was 110% picture perfect!  It was relaxing, unstressed and had no specific agenda or “gotta do this, be there, see this, accomplish that” schedule.  It was simply a time to gaze at the campfire, smell the smoke and pines, listen to the birds and enjoy the natural beauty.  This is the kind of weekend that restores me on many levels. 

However, last night my sleep was filled with stress dreams.  These are the dreams I have when I’m overloaded and juggling and feeling, well, stressed!  I am lost, I can’t see well (my vision is partial or blurred), I’m not wearing the right clothes, something is lost and I can’t find it.  Last night I couldn’t find my clothes that I was supposed to wear to work, I was late, my car was lost, and I stopped amidst all the insanity to look at a bakery and decide I wanted a jelly donut, a chocolate donut and a roll with butter.  I had the same type of stress dreams all Friday night, but there I also was eating mass amounts of chocolate throughout the dream wherever I went.  Eating is a new part to the dreams.  (I know, I probably need serious therapy for these deep-seated anxieties.) Yes, my dreams of stress always surface to tell me that, while the surface of the waters is smooth, the depths are in need of some work.  On top of everything else the weather this morning is cold, dreary and drizzling rain.

I have two choices… let the stress and lackluster weather get to me and mold my day and mood, or I can make this day over and choose to bring the calm and joy from the weekend into my week.  I choose MAKEOVER!  After all, aren’t makeovers taking the good you have to begin with and just enhancing it and bringing out the best?

To begin with, I selected the photo you see here from my weekend and put it up as my screensaver so I have it in vision all day long.  Next, I took all my paperwork and put it on the floor and made it into a campfire and I’m going to grill hot dogs over it at lunchtime.  Okay, maybe not… but at lunchtime I will take a few minutes to step outside and simply breathe.  It may only be a moment or two just outside the doorway.. but I will breathe the fresh air and remember the sunshine and the smells of the campsite.  Finally, I will take a few moments this morning to organize my week – figure out what things are priorities, what things can wait and I will make steps towards being proactive in these tasks, as well as building in time for me.  Perhaps that time for me will only be a few minutes here and there as I can fit in, but I will choose those micro-vacation moments nonetheless.  A cup of tea, three extra minutes in the shower just to feel the warm water wash away the day, 20 minutes to read… and especially build in time to get to bed on time and rise early so I won’t be in manic morning mode.  These things cost nothing but are a gift to yourself that are crucial to your well-being.

Talk about setting a good mood not only for your day but week, yes?  Exercise those choose well muscles today to begin your day and week off right.  It is going to be a fantastic week filled with joyful anticipation of blessings right around the corner, good things and peaceful moments of lusciousness – choose it to be so, wild woman!

Blessings and pleasant unstressed dreams,

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