Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women embrace life, including whatever season it may be.  Right now in NJ we’re finally enjoying the spring, which at some point I wasn’t sure I’d ever seen again!  It is a time to look out and see life and color, to smell the fragrance of the flowers peaking out of their beds of slumber and to feel a renewed sense of hope. 

As I mark another year of living, sometimes I get a wee bit discouraged that my face has more laugh lines than last year and I’m obviously not EVAH going to get carded again if I request a glass of wine at my local pub.  The only card I may get asked for is my AARP card when I ask for the early bird special!!!  It’s highly doubtful that anyone not legally blind will EVAH call me “Miss”.  In an age where we continue to worship youth and devalue aging, it happens.  The other day I was watching a cosmetic industry leader's commercial that claimed their fabulous face food worked wonders on the skin and for any ethnicity.  They had four beautiful women representing their diverse audience of users… but oh, did I mention THEY WERE ALL 12???@?@?@  I’m sorry, but these girls have barely hit puberty, and they need wrinkle cream???  Helloooooooo?????  

Its okay, I’m back now.  Probably shouldn’t have thrown my shoe at the screen, though…

Anywhoooo… Here’s a little something that I want to toss into your day – CELEBRATE YOUR AGE!!!!!  Girlfriend, you MADE IT!  If you have a birthday, CELEBRATE IT ALL WEEK LONG! 

To help you get in the mood, I encourage you to watch the new PBS documentary Age of Champions for free from April 18th-28th.  It’s the story of five competitors who sprint, leap and swim for gold at the National Senior Olympics, including a 100-year-old tennis champion, 86-year-old pole vaulter, and basketball grandmothers!!!  I love it – these folks are my heroes.  If you aren’t inspired by these folks (and especially them golden grannies), girl, check your pulse because you must be dead!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE their motto:  


Wild women are winners, remember that!  So get ready to be inspired, moved and then getcher buttup offdacouch and move it/groove it/celebrate your life each and every day.  Exercise your ability to LIVE JUICY!

Love and blessings,

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