Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tips 'n Tricks Thursday

Hi guys!  I've been away for a few days at a wonderful women's retreat in Cape May, NJ, and then a few days celebrating my birthday in beautiful 80 degree sunshine weather!  Yes, Wild Women needs multiple days to celebrate, donchano?

Today are some simple, fun and fabulous little tips and tricks that came through my email recently.  They will save you time and effort, and every wild woman needs that!  So here you go, exercise your timesaving and "Who Knew?" muscles and enjoy!

Coach Linda

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And don't eat so much that the pants don't fit later on!

Okay this one is a little scary - if I eat too many Doritos will I burst into flames?

And then you can truthfully tell the dentist you've been flossing!!!

Looks pretty, too - and don't forget to eat the grapes - a serving of fruit!!!!

My second favorite tip

It also keeps the telltale crumbs off your fingers when you're trying to deny you had cookies!

But we all know that you must watch the pot if you don't want it to boil, right?

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