Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tiss' Me Tuesday

Ahhh... ahhhh.. ahhhchoooo!!!!   BLESS YOU!
Otay.  Id's Tuesday, and I hab a very bad headcold.  Sniffle.  Ah-choo!  Ugh.... where are my tissues?!?!?!?

Yep, I have caught my very first nasty headcold in quite awhile, and it's amazing how YUCKY it can make you feel!  All I can say is God bless the makers of Puffs tissues - I am forever in their debt.

So what in the heck causes a cold anyway, tells us that it's a viral infection of your upper respiratory tract, and is usually harmless.  Well, yeah, but it sure can knock you for a loop, to say nothing of how the constant sneezy, watery eyes and runny nose can do a gal wonders on that first date!  

The friendly Mayo Docs recommend lots of water and other fluids, gargling with salt water, and yes... good old chicken soup.  It has anti-inflammatory properties, speeds up movement of mucus (ewwwww) and who doesn't feel comforted eating warm bowl of soup when you're feeling like a truck ran over you while you slept?  Ahhh.... that, along with a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon, and I just snuggle down with my warm cuddly blanket and am ready to heal with a good night's sleep.

Now, I'm one of those folks who can't take any basic over-the-counter products, so for me (and I'm no doctor, I'm just saying what works for me), I turn to alternative methods.  I take eucalyptus oil and mix it with sweet almond oil as a carrier oil, and rub it on my chest and throat before I go to bed at night.  Then, and this is a wild one but it works for me -- I take a tissue and put about 10 drops of red thyme essential oil on it, lay it on the sole of my bare foot, do the same for the other foot, then put on a pair of socks over the tissues so the oils are next to the sole of the foot all night.  It is supposed to help bronchial issues, and has helped me and some of my friends over the years.  I also use a humidifier in my room.

Sometimes, if it's a fairly minor cold, I will go to the gym, sweat it out with a hard workout of Pilates Reformer, then go for a steam in the sauna and steam room to release all the gunk in my body.  Needless to say, I also do lots and lots of water.

This is the way I'm combating this knock-your-socks-off mega-cold that has invaded my little system.  What do you do?  I'd love to hear your remedies!  To your health!


Coach Linda Bush


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