Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wild Woman Wednesday

Welcome to our very first Wild Woman Wednesday of 2014!  So far this week we've been investigating ways to get organized this year.  We've looked at journaling, then at general household organizing tips. Today we tackle the big ticket items in 2014 - eating more healthfully, exercising and creating a budget.  A real tripleooza of topics!  I actually found a great article over at Better Homes and Gardens by Jen Jones encompassing all three, so here is the link:

As we review all of these tips this week, I do want you to remember one key phrase:  BABY STEPS!  80% of all resolutions go down the drain, often because we decide we need to do them all NOW and see IMMEDIATE RESULTS.  Not true.  Begin in one little area... just take a deep breath, set your time for 15 minutes, and start.  That's it... just start.  But do it consistently day after day.

For example, today is Wednesday.  How about you walk for 15 minutes, add two veggies to your meal today and eliminate one carb, and try not to spend any unplanned money for the whole day!  Just for today... give it a try... and you are on your way!  Simple, isn't it?  Then maybe tomorrow you'll take the stairs instead of the elevator, bring your lunch to work, and figure out how to save a few dollars for the rest of the week (like bringing lunch instead of eating out).  Boom - again you have succeeded, and now you're building healthy habits.  Like I said, baby steps...

Go wild and enjoy!

Coach Linda

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