Friday, January 10, 2014

For-Real Friday

Now that you've spent a week looking at organizing options, let's get real.  We all come to the New Year's table with lots of goals and plans and fresh ideas.  Then reality hits and puts us in a tailspin within the first couple of weeks.  Nest thing you know, all those beautiful plans have melted away like snow on a spring morning (or if you're in NJ - like the snow drifts that accumulate on Tuesday with sub-zero temps and melt the next day when the weather jumps to 55 degrees!!!)  But I digress...

Today I'm sharing with you an article that I found very helpful  It's by and is called "How to Keep Your Resolutions and Reach Your Goals. (For Real This Time)." It's just a great little gem that can alleviate your major league "I've done it again" guilt syndrome related to those resolutions, give you a minute to breathe, regroup, and forge ahead unfettered and ready to go.  Gotta love that!  Here's the link:

By the way, I'm a subscriber of this website and have found some very valuable videos and webinars.  Check it out!!!

I hope it will help you -- enjoy, and have a safe, happy and blessed weekend.


Coach Linda Bush  

P.S.  And I just HAVE to share... I'm so excited that I'm on the road to my goals -- I'm trying to stay on track and consistently stick with my blog posts daily during the week.  So far (she breathes and does the happy dance at her keyboard), I've done it for 2014!  I'm relishing the moment - woot!  woot! for me!  

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