Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women are knee-dy!

Because we run around like, well, wild women most of the time, we log a LOT of wear time on our knees.  And if you run, walk, play volleyball or tennis or any type of exercise where your feet are striking the ground you are working those knees.  And if you garden, clean (or pray) you’re probably on those knees even more!  

Bit of trivia – did you know that for every extra pound of weight you carry you are adding an additional four pounds of pressure to those knees?  Yup! 

Prevention Magazine’s fitness expert Chris Freytag has a really good little video showing several knee-saving exercises that I’d like to share with you today.  You can check it out HERE

Gotta love Betty Grable!
So exercise those quads, hamstrings and glutes today so they can support those cutie-patootie patellas!  Because the ONLY time you should be weak in the knees is when you have been thoroughly KISSED!!!!  (sigh... I'm a hopeless romantic!)


Coach Linda

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