Friday, June 21, 2013

Wild Woman Wedneday

I love this picture!!!
Wild women are hungry.  I’m not talkin’ today about belly hungry, I’m talking about spirit/soul hungry.  All too often we neglect that little voice inside.  It’s drowned out by the clamor of daily living – phones ring, children cry, people need you for a million different things (all at once), the office, the running around, doing chores… you know, the “dailies” that bleed you until you have nothing left to give yourself. 

Today I want you to sit… quietly… for 15 minutes.  Try to get outside – I always find early morning outside is a magical time of peace and reflection.  There’s just something about the first strains of sunlight rising against navy/lavender/pink swirling clouds… the chorus of songbirds… the smell of the earth still kissed by dew.  Nothing like it. 

Think about one dream you have, or one area in your life that you’d like to improve.  Maybe you’re wanting more down time with the hubs.  Maybe you are thinking of switching careers.  Maybe more education.  Maybe less stress and calendar crowding.  Maybe a trip.  Whatever it is, just think about it – not in a critical way, or self-condemning way, or blaming others way.  Just allow yourself to see it, and open yourself to how you could begin the journey of achieving it.  Bring a cup of coffee/tea or ice cold water, bring a notebook.  Then begin to write down everything you can think of in a stream-of-conscious writing method – no analyzing, no worrying about neat handwriting or spelling… just keep writing and writing for 5-10 minutes straight. 

Then put your pen down.

Close your eyes, breath and live in your moment by feeling the air around you, and become crystal clear aware of how your body feels and try to quiet your mind for a few moments.  This is a good time to pray.  Always think of three things for which you are currently, right now, thankful and count those blessings.

Now… look back on what you’ve written – if you can’t do it right away, do it that night before you go to sleep.  You may have the beginnings of answers. 

This week, make a date with yourself to do something that will feed your spirit – take the notebook with you.  Perhaps it’s a long bath.  Perhaps a walk.  Perhaps it’s during a long-needed lunch break and you can only manage to go sit out in the car.  That’s okay.  Find your quiet spot.  Read over your notes, and begin to allow the feeling stirring deep inside of the beginnings of excitement, anticipation and joy, because you are about to take the next step to your dream goal(s).  

Write again. 

Listen silently to the whispering voice within.

Feed your spirit.



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