Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tasty Thursday

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When it comes to food, I relish (yes, pun intended) cooking for family and friends.  I love the whole process from soup to nuts (yes, again pun intended) from purchasing the ingredients to the creation time in the kitchen, and all the fuss and preparation of making the table beautiful.  It's kind of funny, because my man is a real plain ol' meat and potatoes kinda fella, and it endlessly cracks him up that I (as he calls it) "flits" around the kitchen gleefully plating as if I were on my own Food Network cooking show.  Yes, I hum and talk out loud to myself and the food... it's a wee bit bizarre.  I want my meals, however simple the ingredients, to be a feast for the eyes as well as for the tummy.  Yes, I want my guests to have the whole dining experience, the whole enchilada (again with the puns... okay, I'll stop now).

In fact, we recently went to a Memorial Day get-together where I made a huge (and beautiful if I say so myself) green salad, complete with red/yellow pepper slices, halved cherry tomatoes and a few fresh purple chive blossoms in the middle garnished with a few spearmint leaves, all fresh from the herb garden.  Well, we're sitting there eating our meal and the woman  across from me picks the chive up from the plate (she didn't know I'd made the salad) and asks with a bewildered look on her face, "What is THIS?  Did someone put a flower in my salad?"  My man nearly fell off his chair laughing, and I have to admit I was right there joining him in the humor of it all!  Ah well, I have fun!!!!

When I came across this great little tid-bit from, I knew I'd have to make it and share it here.  Talk about a unique way in which to serve the endless fruit salads that are sure to come out at every picnic this summer!  It's so simply and quick, but what a presentation that is certain to WOW!!!  I can't wait to make it.  Here's the link:

So... exercise your "cube that fruit" muscle (and of course be careful when you're wielding that cutting knife), and make a deelish, low-cal, FABulously presented fruit salad - maybe even for your upcoming Father's Day feast!


Coach Linda

P.S.  And don't forget to toss some spearmint leaves, berries, lemon/lime/orange peels or edible flowers into ice cube holders to make absolutely bee-oooo-ti-ful ice cubes for your drinks!  Simple little things that make such a difference!

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