Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women work out!

We find ways to plug “fitness moments” into our days and weeks. We make time for a workout because we’re worth it – and the best way to show your love to family and friends is to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

It’s NOT selfish or sinful to prioritize your health. Face it – if you’re sick, how can you possibility be the best mother, sister, wife, friend, etc.? We all get yanked in a gazillion directions all day long and wear many different hats, but if you’re out of physical commission, you can’t do any of those things or meet any of those commitments.

On today I found a very interesting article on “Love Your Lower Body!” which focuses on your belly, thighs and butt. What’s different about this workout plan is that these ballet-inspired moves use only one piece of equipment – any wall in your home!!! There are only five exercises, which can be done quickly anytime – so there goes your excuses right out the window.

So today, exercise your determination – laser focus on making the commitment TODAY (did I mention TODAY, NOW, AUGUST 8th) to begin moving with this or some other form of exercise program. Get up off your butt and work it out. As always, check with your doctor first!


Coach Linda

What are you doing still sitting there reading??? Start movin' & grooving' that thang, sistah!!!!

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