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Manic Monday

Look out -- it's Monday again! Already?!? Uh-huh...

Today I'd like to share an Article I found on the American Society of Administrative Professionals website ( about stress at work. It focuses on ways that you can help yourself with exercise, good nutrition and a few other tips And tricks. I hope you will be able to add a few to your routine.

So grab a cuppa coffee or tea and get ready to flex your stress-busting muscles. Have a great day!

Coach Linda

Are You Feeling Stressed at Work?

by Ilene Gershberg, ACSM

If you are experiencing the daily drain of stress, it probably affects you at work, at home, within your personal relationships, and ironically, even impacts the quality of your sleep. The good news is that you can “take charge” by implementing simple lifestyle changes. Before reviewing these proactive strategies it is essential to focus briefly on the critical nature of this initiative.

Workplace stress has led to a decrease in personal output and energy. A recent Gallup Poll reported that 80% of workers feel stress on the job. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 26% of employees report workplace anxiety as their #1 stressor leaving them “extremely burned out by their work”.

Further impacting office culture is that 25% of workers claim to feel like screaming because of job stress and 14% actually admit that they have felt like striking a co-worker, but didn’t. The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) documents health care costs 50% higher for employees with high stress levels. Many experts perceive stress as a precursor to illness with 80% of all disease being stress-related.

This line of attack enables you to take control of your own health, vitality, and personal fulfillment. I encourage you to take ownership and drive your own outcomes. Small changes will yield great results so you can perform your best at work, with the physical and mental stamina to pursue personal interests outside of work.

Make note of the following lifestyle improvements to decrease stress and increase energy.


• After 6 weeks of exercise you will experience a 20% increase in energy and a 65% decrease in fatigue.
• Fitness lowers blood pressure at rest and during typically stressful situations.
• Exercise improves mood while decreasing fatigue and depression.
• Exercise enhances sleep quality. Participants awake fewer times, have a deeper sleep, and feel more rested.

Morning Workouts:

• Committing to your personal fitness is easier before other responsibilities get in the way
• Morning workouts improves your mental clarity and creativity throughout the day
• 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day/6 days a week is recommended for maximum health prevention. Two 15-minute sessions will suffice when necessary.

Take Work Breaks:

• We all experience cycles of varying alertness levels and the range is from 75-125 minutes.
• Taking a break when experiencing a low-energy level improves overall performance.
• Getting up and moving around gives your body a chance to recover.

Eat Breakfast:

• Our energy increases when fueled by food. Early in the day jump starts performance mode.
• A high fiber complex carbohydrate breakfast increases alertness and memory function throughout the morning. Simple carbohydrates and sugar increases fatigue.


• Minimize late day coffee and caffeine intake. It will impair your sleep; raise your blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.
• Staying well-hydrated with water preserves energy and keeps your mood elevated

Health & Fitness Master Mind Group:

• Seek out like-minded people for goal setting, support, and accountability
• Connecting with others will boost feelings of happiness - plan group recreational activities
• Engage your family in an active lifestyle and embrace the benefits 6-7 days a week

Active Relaxation:

• Take a yoga or Pilates class to reduce anxiety. Enjoy the socialization while stretching and relaxing your body.

Becoming pro-active to minimize the stressors in your life is a valuable health initiative. Being healthy enables you to enjoy family and friends, increasing your overall happiness in life. Invest in yourself!

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