Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini-but-Mighty Mindful Move Monday

Welcome to a new week! Today we're going to talk about a two-degree shift. I just started a new college semester and I have begun a course on marriage coaching. One of my textbooks is by Les and Leslie Parrott, a well-known couple who have written many books about and are known as experts in the field of marriage and relationships. They discuss this week the concept of the two-degree shift -- making a small change towards a healthier relationship. Nothing drastic, just a defined, intentional change.

This is a concept I embrace and believe in for almost any area in life. You begin saving towards a financial goal the minute you put fifty cents in a jar. You begin healthy eating patterns by choosing one healthy meal at a time. Or by choosing not to have that donut this morning. Mini but mindful moves!

We begin an exercise program by one exercise at a time. Perhaps setting 15 minutes aside today. Not two hours, but baby step it with 15 minutes. Let's face it, most of us can do just about anything for 15 minutes!!!

What goal do you want to move closer to today? What person would you like to grow closer to today? What would moving two degrees look like to you? What small step would it take?

Exercise your two degrees muscle today --it might seem small, but it will be powerful!


Coach Linda

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