Monday, January 30, 2012

Mom's Birthday Monday

Today I want to pay tribute to the most amazing woman I know – my Mom. It’s her birthday today, and I would like this opportunity to sing out her praises.

She is a VERY active member of Curves gym, and has well over 1,000 visits in the last few years. All you have to do is ask her to show you her guns, and that sleeve is up and bicep curled!

She has a heart “as big as the all outdoors” (as my Grandmom used to say). She is loving and giving, and is a tigress when it comes to her family. She is our matriarch.

Her faith in God never fails, and she is a prayer warrior.

Her life hasn’t been easy, but you’d never know it from her cheerful disposition. Mom’s sense of humor is funny, zany, warped and wonderful – I call her my “Crazy Old Broad”. She plays practical jokes on me, and sometimes we get to laughing so hard I cry.

She’s wise, and always ready to listen and not judge – I know her love is steadfast, even when I’ve messed up oh-so-many times in my life. She’s got the best Mom-hugs in the world! She is my biggest cheerleader and always supports me, even if she doesn’t always agree or understand.

She’s also an incredible Grandmother, and her nickname is “Gooma” – so of course we call her “The Goom”, The Goomeister”, “Goominator”, and I call her Momma Pajama or MPJ for short.

She’s the only person I’ve ever heard of who actually ran away and joined the circus! (Oh am I gonna pay for letting that out!) Yep... yep... My Mother IS the ORIGINAL wild woman!

I have the honor/blessing/privilege of having her with me since her home burned down about a year and a half ago. She walked away with nothing but quite literally the shirt off her back, and yet she has always looked at the bright side and counted her blessings. Mom doesn’t hold “things” tightly – her family and friends are her greatest treasures.

But let me tell you, Mom is our family’s greatest treasure. She is gutsy, courageous and strong, and is always there when we need her. She is my hero, my inspiration, and my love and respect for this woman knows no bounds. Truly, the words haven’t been invented yet to describe her.

So happy birthday, my bestest friend and Crazy Old Broad Mom. You are the absolute best Mom E-V-E-R, and I love you and thank God every single day that He blessed me with you. Here’s to another year of love, laughter, good health, blessings and all the happiness your beloved heart can hold.

Psalm 31:28-29 – “Her children arise and call her blessed; many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

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  1. Such a fabulous tribute to your mom. She is definitely ALL that (and a bag of chips. Veggie chips. Let's keep it healthy). I LOVE these pictures of her!

    Crazy Old Broad indeed! <3