Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Muddle Through Monday

Anybody out there have a hard weekend?  One of those achy-breaky heart times?  Maybe you’re going through a rough time physically?  Financially?  Relationally?  Whatever you're going through -- it causes you to hurt from the minute your eyes open in the morning through the tossing and turning fitfulness of those sleepless nights?  Worries, anxiety, loneliness… all your constant companions? 
So how do you cope?
There are many ways both healthy and, er, uh… hmmm… not so much healthy.  Prayer, exercise, talking things through with a friend, journaling… good stuff.  Crying – good stuff, gets it all out, but can go into not so much if you can’t stop for days.  Retail therapy?  Could be a little good unless you blow your budget.  Drugs, alcohol, food?  Okay, I’m the first one to admit that men will come and men will go, but wine, chocolate and Hagen Das are always faithful, won’t cheat on you, will patiently listen, and are loyally and dependably ALWAYS there.  However… let’s all remember that nothing and no one is ever worth your health.  And face it, do you really want to gain a bunch of weight over this?  Will it really help?  Frankly,butt/thigh/belly enlargement is not my idea of therapy!  Remember, wild women, looking FAB-ulous is ALWAYS great revenge!  In fact, I am wearing an extraordinary pair of 4” heel leopard print and black leather therapy shoes today that were even 50% off – now that’s smart and inexpensive therapy, let me tell you!
But seriously, getting through a day, sometimes an hour can be a monumental effort when you’re in pain.  I understand – been there more times than I’d like to remember, got the tee-shirts, and burned them.  Just take it one hour at a time.  I am an advocate of sitting with the pain and going through it, not stuffing it away and pretending you’re fine.  Until we go through it, we can’t learn to be stronger.  But that doesn’t mean you dwell in it forever.  Find some true blue friends that will support you (and I thank God EVERY DAY for the amazing, supportive, patient, kind and loving friends (and did I mention patient) who gather round me and love on me endlessly when I’m going through a bad time.  Don’t crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head – (maybe for a day is okay), but then get up, shower, fix your face, put on your best outfit, and get out of the house.  Walk, exercise, work on a project, at night cozy up and watch some old movies that make you laugh or have strong women characters.  Do things that make you happy.  Journal – write out your feelings and let them flow like your tears.  Dance, listen to music – but don’t spend hours listening to all the songs that make you sad or bring back memories – not so much! But yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Find a friend who needs help, and go help her - or volunteer at your local community center or place of worship -- get out of yourself for awhile.
In my experience, the only true healer of pain is God and time.  Wish there was an instant fix, but that's about as real a fairy tale as most "and they lived happily ever afters". Fifteen minutes at a time, an hour, a day… and eventually it will get better.  And if you find you can’t seem to get out of your own way, that’s okay, too.  Find a coach or counselor that can help you – been there, done that, and it was healing and therapeutic and wonderful. 
Most of all don’t think you have to go through it alone.  You don’t. There is a light at the end of the tunnel… and it’s not always a train.  You are strong, and you are courageous, and you will get through and flourish.
So tell me, how do you get through a rough patch?  Please comment because we can share the wealth and healing, and who knows how reading your comments might help another?

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