Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women DON’T WHINE!  We see a problem, figure out a plan of action to solve the problem, and JUST DO IT!  We don’t whine about how unhealthy or unloved or overloaded or overweight we are – we put on our big girl panties and DO WHAT IT TAKES TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM!  While we all have a bad day and sometimes complain, whining is a whole 'nuther thang.  I have to tell you, I’m getting just a little tired of people who whine about one thing, but I can’t hear that because their actions are SCREAMING SOMETHING ELSE!
For example, yesterday was “FREE RITA’S WATER ICE DAY”.  Baby, ain’t nuthin’ free about that except your wallet will stay the same weight while yours goes up.  You see, a small Rita’s water ice = 275 calories, 73 carbs and 71g of sugar.  To burn off that “free” treat you will have to: jog for 45 minutes, do an hour on the stair master or exercise bike, stroll for two hours, do 90 minutes of yoga, intense weight training for an hour or light weight training for two hours, or 45 minutes of intermediate level Pilates.  Explain FREE again??? 
Now I’m not saying you can’t ever have this treat.  But don’t sit there with junk in your trunk and whine about how you can’t lose weight and then scarf down a “FREE” treat when you know full well you aren’t going to accommodate those 270 calories by adjusting the rest of your food for the day or by doing one of the above-mentioned exercises.  “Oh well, it’s only one little thing and it’s only 270 calories.”  Let’s put it in perspective, shall we?  270 extra calories a day for three months (let’s say 90 days) is 24,300 calories.  One pound = 3,500 calories.  So those “little cheats” will put almost SEVEN POUNDS in your trunk (or thighs or arms or belly) right in time for June warm weather, short sleeves, and bathing suits.  Look at the long-term goals of your actions and BE ACCOUNTABLE!
I must be on target, because today’s “Eat This, Not That” blog gives a list of “The Worst FREE Restaurant Foods in America” – check it out!!!  Click HERE.
So the next time you are tempted to pop a little “ treat cheat” in your mouth (and then whine about your health/weight/size later), how about you put a cork in it instead, and spend the next 15 minutes walking or working out? 
Wild Woman may WINE, but we don’t WHINE.  Be strong, be sensible, and let your words speak louder than your whine.

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