Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Moments

I am a do-aholic.  I do too much.  I overplan, overschedule and overestimate how much time/energy I will need to do a project. 

And while I'm working hard at being a reformed do-aholic, sometimes I fall off the wagon - and hit the wall hard while letting all the balls drop that I've been desperately trying to juggle perfectly. 
On top of everything, dumb traditions like this daylight savings time (my most HATED night of the year) come along and steal an hour from my already lacking sleep schedule.  Yes, of all poverties, sleep is my most depleted account.  Since I was able to stay in bed a little later on Sunday, it didn't hit me as hard.  However - today I am dragging so much that  the bags under my eyes have not-so-graciously slid into my bra and the sizzling you hear is my brain trying to remember my name in the midst of the fog that is my day.

To that end, I once again climb back on the wagon and resolve to sleep more, worry less, add margin to my calendar schedule and try to enjoy each moment more.  Anybody out there relate?

Join me in exercising your pause button muscle today and take a moment to breath and just BE.


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