Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'Tractive Tuesday

Yes, I’m a self-confessed girly-girl – dresses, makeup, clothes, shoes, perfume… the whole nine yards.  Yes, I have a closet filled with imaginary outfits on pinterest  (click HERE).  Hey - don't judge, it's my way of being frugal!!  And yes, I am the only woman I know who carries a pair of emergency earrings in her car, in case I rush out in the morning and (gasp) forgot to toss them on.  I am a woman of the 80s, so don’t even TRY to take away my hairspray or you might lose use of your hand.  (However, I’d be more than happy to share if you just ask.)  I love walking through makeup stores and allowing my senses to dance with delight to the colors and possibilities and olfactory pleasures.  I think of it as a big girl equivalent to being a kid in a candy store with two bits in her pocket.  Sadly, the wrinkle cream that swears my cheeks will mimic that of an newborn’s backside costs WAY more than two bits!  Hmmm… maybe I should just smear baby oil and diaper rash cream all over my face.  But I digress…
I’m also a child of the 60s, so there is a certain conflict to my old “part my long blonde hair in the middle, no makeup, no bra, torn jeans and daisies” barefoot all-natural granola-eatin' hippie spirit.  Unfortunately, some of those choices are simply not options anymore.  I am seriously devoted and bound (yes, pun fully intended) to my collection of lovely unmentionables now, and it would be a sin to society to go without… people running and screaming, “My eyes! My eyes!”  The drama is just too much for me to fathom.  I’m sure a therapist would have a field day with my dual personalities… and those are only two inside the madness that is me.  But I digress…
What I’m trying to say here is that all the external workings of beauty, from hair/makeup/nails/perfume to clothing/stockings/shoes/handbags mean absolutely nothing if I do not practice beauty from the inside out.  Unkind words smear even the most elegant lipstick into lip-sick ugliness.  Manicured nails become claws when catty, and pedicured feet are repulsive when running to tell a tale on another.  An icy, harsh look makes even the most fetching eyes hard and unattractive.  Bitterness, anger and a fermenting attitude age one more than a lifetime in the summer sun.
Join me today in exercising your innermost beauty – that of a loving heart, a spirit of compassion, kindness and humility.  Wear gentleness and patience as soft, glowing garments more alluring than any earthly designer could envision.  The most beautiful accessories are a warm smile and a loving soul. 
Remember - you are most stunning when you strip away everything that entangles the unique and most beautiful you inside.
An example of what I consider to be beautiful:

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  1. Linda,

    This was such a fun read, with a great, much needed reminder/lesson at the end. I loved the Colossians 3:12 image as much as the image you used for 'Monday Moments.' :)