Thursday, October 20, 2011

Think About It Thursday

In this morning’s email, I received an ad from Rodale Press (publishers of Prevention Magazine, books, etc.) offering me a “breakthrough” book that would rev up my metabolism to beat a menopause belly and turbocharge my weight loss to burn calories 2.5x faster! What made me want to throw my teacup at the monitor was the picture here. The flat-bellied model used for the ad looked to be all of 25 on her worst day, with “perky” girls and a belly that makes me wonder if she’d ever given birth. Not one smidgen of cellulite, just a lovely young woman – operative phrase YOUNG WOMAN.

Really? Seriously? Are you kidding me? I’m going to buy a book on menopause that features this person as our role model? She’s young enough to be my DAUGHTER! Hot flashes? Mood swings? Honey, she’s never seen a hot flash in her life, and her mood swings are probably because of cramps or PMS – and you expect me to believe she’s menopausal? I may be past menopausal, Rodale, but I’d have to be on the other side of Alzheimer’s to believe this!!! You have lost ALL credibility with me.

Now I realize that I’m ranting and raving here, but I believe it is warranted indignation. Have you noticed how bold the lies have become to women both young and “seasoned” in advertising lately? The models used on the majority of ads for miracle-wrinkle-reducing creams are generally WELL under 30, and have you become aware that most of the mascara ads have models who are wearing at least 1-2 pair of false eyelashes? C’mon now, even a 10-year-old can see that lie!

“Truth in advertising” has always been a phrase that goes along with “the check is in the mail” line of integrity. But some days it just rises up and slaps you. We want to stay as youthful and beautiful as we can be at any age, and I want to rep my age well. I want to be fabulous in my 50’s, sensational in my 60’s, sexier-than-ever in my 70’s, and on… and on… and on…!!! I plan on being the most bodacious (and smartest and most interesting and charming) 100-something in the nursing home! But keep it real, Madison Avenue, allow me to have dignity and grace and not try to compete with your insidious fabrications using some 20-something little smooth faced and smooth-fanny model! Women of ALL ages are gorgeous and amazing and sexy right this minute and many of us wouldn’t trade what we have/know now for going back to our 20s. Sure, the signs of aging aren’t something I look at in the mirror and sing out, “Oh goodie, look! Another wrinkle – yippee!!!” I admit there are days I want to take duct tape to lift up what has been going south for years. Yes, it’s a bit disheartening when what once would past “the pencil test” now can hide a can of cat food!!! But overall, I’m thankful I made it here, and I’m blessed to be healthy, and I’m doing everything I can to stay that way, and to be AUDICIOUS in the process!!!.

So, wild women, the next time you notice one of these bold-faced reDUNKulous advertisements, don’t just boycott the product, but exercise your cheeky courageous WILD WOMAN muscles and write the manufacturer and complain. For all women everywhere!!! You want good advertising for baby boomers – use a REAL woman! And if this hits a nerve with you, I would LOVE to read your feedback, so please comment!




  1. You KNOW that does indeed hit a nerve with me. Air brushed magazine models make me crazy. NO ONE can really look THAT perfect. There's a commercial out for some kind of cream to help women with stretch marks and wrinkles...the models ALL look under 21....HELLLOOOOO!!! And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one to notice these models in mascara ad that have eyelashes that make them look like a cross between Lily Munster and Lady Gaga!!! ACCKK!!! Is it any wonder that young girls today struggle with eating disorders and such, and all women feel such pressure to have picture perfect bodies, lips,nails, hair (don't get me started on those hair commercials). While yes, we need to take care of ourselves, inside and out, we also need to learn to be comfortable and content in our own skin, so to speak.

    I'm so glad you wrote this!


  2. Hi Linda, I have "found" you via my bloggy bestie Pam ! I first want to say AMEN. I am planning a blog post on Body Image and Media impact...and I want to say as a someone who as been involved in the Fitness field for MANY (sigh) years- it is sad and frustrating to see the blatant assault on the minds of those who are willing to swallow the lies. I have an 11 year old daughter and the influence exerted over her as well as all children and adults via magazines , internet, television etc. is gagable. (is that a word?) One of the reasons I did not want to "write" for a living when I chose Fitness as a career was because I felt that (copywriting ad) was so manipulative and deceitful. I wanted to help people not heap them up make them feel less than just to manipulate them to buy into whatever I was promoting. So regardless of the age and assault I really feel it is a form of pollution for the heart soul and mind. I am glad you see through it , sister! Following you, now! Have a imperfectly, blessed day!