Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tighten Up Thursday

I love me my comfy clothes. There just isn’t anything like coming home after a long day and slipping into either my easy-breezy “house clothes” (as my Mom calls them). You know, the “I can answer the front door without embarrassment but still be really relaxed” clothes. Then later in the evening I breath a deep sigh as I slip into my jammies and soft slippers. Ahhh….

However… one of the worst things you can wear regularly is a garment with an elastic waist. Yes, yoga and workout pants are fine… in the gym or on the workout floor. But you shouldn’t live in them. Why? Because one of a girl’s best friends is her belt or her button and/or zipper waistline. They won’t lie to you. C’mon now, you know what I’m talking about here! Every single one of us has experienced that moment of sheer horror when we go to zipper those jeans and realize, without even one glance into a full-view mirror, that something isn’t right (and don’t even try to use the lame excuse “Well, they must have shrunk in the dryer!”)!!! Yes, say it with me, wild women, the dreaded “MUFFIN TOP!” Noooooooooo!!!!!!! Seriously, if you had been wearing belted, fitted waistlines all along, would you REALLY be struggling with this issue? I think not...

The truth is, when a garment waistline expands, chances are you’ll be tempted to overeat, and YOUR waistline will expand. Wearing a belt forces you to be honest with yourself - it's like a measuring tape around your waist alll day long, keeping you real. It tightens up an outfit and makes you look better. In fact, I’ve often heard it recommended that you belt your outfits for a more slimming overall appearance. And isn’t it a great moment when you’ve been eating healthy and working out, and you can actually take that belt DOWN a notch? It’s one of those happy little "YES!!!" moments in life for all your hard work.

So take a deep breath, exercise those core muscles, and BELT IT! Minds were meant to be expanded, not waistlines!



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