Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wild Woman Wednesday

Hey there wild women!!! Ready to rock and roll with another Wild Woman Wednesday???

Today get ready to go wild with technology. I’m a techo-geek, and I go wild for all the new gadgets and gizmos out there. While I can’t go wild and buy them all, I do love knowing all the latest wild things, and apps, etc. With that in mind, I want you to exercise your inner tech-freak, and join me in finding out the latest on what’s out there to make your life a little easier – one twirl at a time.

Digitwirl is a weekly web show that features quick, how-to videos that show you the most practical gadgets, useful websites and clever apps to simplify your hectic life, and then teaches you how to use them. The founder is Carley Knobloch, an entrepreneur, mom, wife, life coach, and writer/producer/actress on Digitwirl. She makes learning about the newest stuff out there fun, entertaining and very easy to understand. I enjoy watching her videos and have found some terrific information and apps!!

If you scroll down to the left a bit, you’ll be able to click on a link and open her latest video. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do, and twirl into technology at a whole ‘nuther level. So grab your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and any other gadgets ya got, and have a WILD WOMAN WEDNESDAY!!!!



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