Friday, February 1, 2013

Free It Friday

What do you need to release?  What are you holding onto tightly that is cluttering your home?  Your heart?  Your life? Your future? 

There’s a television show about people who are known as hoarders.  These people may have started as innocent savers/collectors, but something went terribly wrong and now they are so cluttered, surrounded and paralyzed by their own stuff that they can barely move within their own homes.  It’s tragic to watch.  But I’ll tell you what – if you're anything like me, you jump up as soon as the episode is done, take a deep breath start tossing things out because you’re horrified at even the small portion of clutter you may have somewhere!!!  All I need to motivate me to clean is 10 minutes of this show, believe me!

There’s a great cleaning/organizing web called that teaches you how to clean room-by-room and one of the exercises they use is called “27 fling boogie”.  Basically, you set your kitchen alarm for 15 minutes and toss 27 things away.  I began reading this web years ago, and it’s a great site that I recommend to help you begin what can be the arduous and often overwhelming task of cleaning.

Just as importantly as releasing items from your purse, your home, your closet/wardrobe and shelves, however, is the need to release things from your heart.  What old memories are you holding onto that are cluttering the path to your growth today?  What old belief systems are chained to your soul and holding you back from your future?  What past negative life experiences are you still grasping that keep you from embracing the blessings before you today?  What people do you need to forgive and release in order to liberate your own soul and allow you to breath deep into the miracles that await you?  What bitterness, anger and sorrow are paralyzing you and keeping you in their prison? 

It’s time to open those clenched fists… that hard spirit… that bruised/battered and aching heart…

I’m not saying this flippantly or casually, dear reader.  Releasing is one of the hardest muscles in life to exercise, whether it is something tangible or from within.  But until you clear the clutter you won’t have space to breath or live or move into the moment, let alone take the next step on the path of your beautiful journey. 

Today, this is your exercise – begin the process of letting go whatever is holding you captive.  Take that breath, say a prayer, and set it in motion.  Like the old quote says, “It’s the first day of the rest of your life.”  Take that step toward freedom!


Coach Linda 

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