Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Toodles Tuesday

Well, today is the day we say goodbye to 2013.  I must admit, that’s not a hard thing for me to do as it hasn’t been one of my top ten fun favorites.  However, it has been extremely valuable – the heartbreaks, discouragements, disappointments and failures… as well as the achievements, high points and moments of joy and love… all weave together as a giant tapestry of lessons learned.  And that’s always a good thing.  I will take time to reflect back and take those lessons (and hopefully the wisdom I have gleaned from them) into the future.  What were my top ten highlights?  My top ten hardest moments?  My top ten happiest and most content times?  How about you – what were yours?  What were the top ten lessons and how can I use them now?

2014… a fresh start, an unopened gift from God brimming with possibilities.  It calls us to take a deep, cleansing breath, releasing our past and taking that first step forward as the ball comes down in Times Square and we hear the first strains of “Auld Lang Syne” as the clock strikes 12:01… January 1st, 2014.  It gives me the feeling of a child on Christmas morning when I first see the gifts before me, still touched, wrapped in glittering paper and bows that sparkle in the lights of the Christmas tree.

I wish you happiness, health and a heart filled with love overflowing in the coming year.  I pray 2014 will be a time for you of goal achievement, simplicity, personal satisfaction and understanding, and peace.  I pray you will continue on your journey with energy and enthusiasm and joy.  

Most of all, I wish you a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior, as He offers us the best of free gifts, salvation.  As a Christian, I believe the offer of salvation is God’s love-gift to all. Those who accept it by faith, apart from works, become new creatures in Christ. Because fallen humans are unable to save themselves, God, according to His own sovereign mercy, acts to save those who come to Him by grace through faith. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer the penalty of death in place of condemned humanity. Simply through believing the good news that Christ died for his or her sins and then rose from the dead, a person can be forgiven of all sin, declared righteous by God, reborn into new life, and guaranteed eternal life with God. See John 3:16; Romans 10:9–10; 1 Corinthians 15:1–5; and Ephesians1:4–12; 2:8–9.*

I wish you a wild woman life extraordinaire in 2014 – may it be your best year ever.  I hope you will allow me the privilege of being part of your journey.

Coach Linda Bush

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  1. What an absolutely lovely post! Thank you and a Happy New Year to you as well, my friend!