Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Monday

Mmmmm.... mmmmm.... G-O-O-D!!!!!
A popular commercial features the tag line question, “What’s in your wallet?”  Well, this week let’s ask yourself the question, “What on your menu?”

Like every other wild woman I know, I struggle with the juggle… career, education, family, exercise, social life, church, cooking/eating healthfully, etc.  Some days it all falls apart.  But I find that when I plan ahead, like making a menu to prepare my meals (and tracking carbs, fats, proteins, calories, water, etc.), pack my lunch the night before, I do eat better and I feel better, both physically and emotionally because I feel more organized.  Yes, it takes a little more time on the front end, but the rewards are well worth the effort.  

Plus, I save money because I buy what I need at the market (because I'm known to grab a little of everything), and I don’t find myself eating out – a huge savings.  If you spend $5 a day for lunch 5 days a week for four weeks a month, that’s $100 a month, or $1,200 a year!!!  Imagine what you could do with an additional $100 in your pocket at the end of the month!

Additionally, I am trying to crack down on my mindless/unintentional/emotional eating, which has begun to rear its ugly head in the last several months.  It’s amazing how easily it creeps up on you, and behind you if you get my meaning!  I was at a First Place 4health meeting this weekend, and a phrase I heard which I love is that we suffer from “food amnesia”!!!!  Don’t you love that?  And ain’t it the truth!!  So by planning my meals I have the wonderful side benefit of easier tracking of what I’m eating , I am accountable to me, and that means I am more aware of every bite that I eat. 

Today I’d like to encourage you to plan your meals for the rest of the week.  And to start you off, here is a picture and corresponding recipe/nutritional info on what I had for lunch today.  It was honestly delish, and very filling and satisfying.  So exercise your planning/shopping/prepping muscles and make yourself and those you love some uber-delish meals… and with the time saved scrambling treat yourself to a soak in a bubble bath!!! 



Linda’s Leftover Roasted Chicken Salad
(serves 1)

2 cups Arugula (you could also use spinach or any dark leaf greens)
1 small tomato
¼ cup sliced radishes
2 oz chicken (meat only, no skin) - I used leftovers from a rotisserie
½ canned pineapple (drain off syrup and rinse)
Salad dressing – 2 tablespoons fig and pear balsamic vinegar with 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil

Calories:  294
Fats:  15.1
Fiber:  2.9
Carbs: 31.8
Sodium: 386.3
Protein: 15.4

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