Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild women frequently can be considered perfectionists (especially when it comes to ourselves).  So you will certainly appreciate today’s post on, of all things, a perfect refrigerator.  (Okay, maybe not the wildest of subjects for Wild Woman Wednesday, but...)  My food go-to site, Eat This, Not That!  has a article today about “The Perfect Refrigerator” where they offer us a list of perfect foods to keep on hand.  Very yummy, and they give you ideas of how to compound the power of these foods.

Then, for all you cleanies out there, here are several sites that will help you keep your frig (or ice box, as my Grandma used to call it – anyone know why???) spic and span and beautifully clean and organized:

And finally, here’s a few sites that will keep you healthy by showing you how to store perfectly so you know exactly when it’s time to toss those foods (hint… if it’s green and moving and reeks, toss it… NOW!):

Food Safety at a Glance:

Still Tasty – Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide:

National Center for Home Food Preservation:

So how’s that for some perfectly wonderful and cool ideas?????  Go wild and stay healthy and cool!


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