Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wild Woman Wednesday

Wild Women like to pamper themselves when they can, and we don’t like to spend a small fortune doing it!  I love me some spa girly stuff whenever I’m able – mani pedis, massage, hair, nails, facials, wax, whatever… I love it all.  I hate the price tag that goes with it, however. 

So… I do a lot of things for myself at home, and that’s why I designed and teach a seminar called “The Secret Spa in Your Kitchen” that shows lots of secrets to making bath, body, and pampered girly stuff right in your very own kitchen at a fraction (and I do mean cents on the dollar) of the price you pay in department stores.  From time to time on Wild Woman Wednesdays, especially now that it’s getting warmer and we will be showing toes and skin more, I will be sharing some of my magical recipes.

Today, however, as I was feeding my pinterest addiction (follow me at kre8tv4Him), I came across a wonderful little blog posting called “27 Nail Hacks for the Perfect DIY Manicure.”  It truly is a ton of terrific tips to ensure a salon-quality manicure.  It comes from BuzzFeed DIY and here’s the link:  

Before you run off to that salon to pay $15-20 for a polish change (seriously????), check out this website and you will find everything you need to do a bang-up job on your nails at home.  You’ll save enough to buy yourself some new summer polish colors and toss a bit in your mad money savings jar.  Yes, stay financially fit at the same time and put those pennies away.  Remember, Wild Women are also amazingly frugal.

I’m off to give myself a mani pedi – I have been in a kind of a funk today, and just like they recommended in the funny movie Legally Blonde, the best thing for a funk is a mani pedi!  Exercise your mani pedi beautiful fingers and toes today!


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