Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Tox

Okay, the holidays are over and you may be feeling the after-effects of falling off the healthy eating wagon. You’ve probably seen diet ads, body cleanses and detox recipes and ideas coming out of the woodwork. Lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks by consuming only hot lemon-cayenne pepper water! Eat only the magical elixir of cabbage soup 24/7… and on… and on… and on.

How about something that is simply, gentle and do-able for all of us? Let’s say you had a bit too much food, sugar, alcohol and overall overindulgences in those days between Thanksgiving and New Years. How about just doing a realistic run through your pantry and frig and tossing those products that you know are bad for you? Get rid of the salty/fat-laden chips and snacks and cookies. Toss the triple-dipper “I need to be alone with this” gallon of ice cream that whispers your name so sweetly in the middle of the night. Deep six the leftover candy (okay, like wine, who has leftovers?). Dump ALL the soda! Take those things which you KNOW trip you up and make you feel lousy and toss them! Because the only waste they’re going to is your waist!

Now… today is a new day. Just begin adding lots of fresh veggies, fruit and water to your daily food intake. It doesn’t have to be overnight – simply include a little more each day, and less of the high-carb, high-fat, and high-sugar foods. I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, but I like to take half my plate portion for veggies, a quarter for my carb, and a quarter for my protein. I also try to use a smaller plate which helps with portion control.

Eat more fish and chicken and less red meat. Try more plant-based menus (i.e., vegetarian), mix rice and beans for a good protein source. Instead of going crazy with a carrots and celery and water only diet, begin managing your meals with easy breezy planning. Be gentle with yourself, start out slow – make January your month to learn better eating behaviors and wiser food choices. Read nutrition labels, experiment with new recipes… have fun with discovering all the ways healthy eating will reward your taste buds and your body.

Oh yes, and I’m not saying NEVER have comfort foods or treats. Just choose them infrequently and in moderation. I’m all for having a brownie, slice of pizza or glass of wine. But do it in moderation – feel free to enjoy… but in small portions and only once in awhile. You can have it all (unless there is a medical or religious reason you can’t consume something)… just not all at once in the same day! Choose wisely, and you’ll begin to feel the GOOD after-effects like weight loss and more energy.

Eat mindfully, intentionally and healthfully this year… make it your day-at-a-time January goal. Slow but sure, that’s the way to do it, modifying your menu and behavior towards the goal of being your personal best in 2013. You can do it!

Blessings -- to your health!!

Coach Linda Bush

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