Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips Thursday

Yesterday I blogged that I would be sharing some tips on how to handle eating through your holidays. Here’s some ideas that I have either used myself or have heard about, and I hope they’ll help you as well!

1) Eat before you go! There’s a rule that you should never go to the grocery store hungry, and it applies to parties as well. Eat some thing before you leave your house – especially protein, which fills you longer. Have a hot beverage (coffee, tea) with it to add a little fullness. Then you won’t be grazing over the food all night.

2) Stay away from the cheese! Once ounce (about the equivalent of a pair of dice) run you about 120 calories. Needless to say, you pop 10 of those little bad boys with some crackers, and you’ve already eaten pretty much a day’s calories! Instead, go for the veggies – all you want – as long as they’re not dipped into dressings that are drenched in calories. Go for salsa instead. Just remember to fill up on the veggies and fresh fruit.

3) Use a small plate! Less loaded, less bloated!

4) There is no such thing as bad food. Just don’t go crazy with it – eat a tiny bit of it, so you will have the taste and satisfaction of having it. One small (or half) of a brownie is fine, it’s when I eat those three and four that I’m in trouble!!!

5) Stick to seltzer water or wine spritzers if you are consuming alcohol. Nurse one drink all night. Stay away from the mixed drinks, its loads of empty calories. Of course, one glass of champagne is nice!

6) If you are eating dinner at someone’s home, just take small portions. Aunt Sophie will be happy you’ve eaten her special dish, but you don’t have to succumb to family pressure to EAT! EAT!

7) Drink a LOT of water before and during meals. Oh yes, and if you are drinking, drink a large glass of water in between drinks – better yet, opt not to drink (see #5).

8) Station yourself as far away from the food as possible – make yourself take a hike over to the buffet and think it over before you get there!

9) Don’t skip dessert. That’s right, don’t skip it. Just have a little. It is the holidays and we all want to enjoy it. (See #4)

10) Eat only until you are full, and then stop and move away from the buffet or table, or move your plate away. Don't keep eating just because it tastes good.

11) Give yourself 10-15 minutes before you go for seconds. It takes your tummy that long to tell your brain you are full/satisfied, and chances are you won't really be hungry in 20 minutes.

12) Be mindful and intentional about everything you choose to eat. We consume WAY too many calories when we're just sitting around talking, or "picking". Choose well.

Most of all, remember how blessed you are to be enjoying your holidays with family and friends, and thankful that you have such an amazing choice of foods. Have fun, be safe, and eat healthy!

Please write in and comment about other ideas you may have to handle food at the holidays!!!


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  1. I am printing this out and carrying it with me for the next three weeks! I think everyone else should, too. It's priceless and you know it's exactly what I needed. Thank you a million times over!