Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tangled in the Tinsel Tuesday

Omigosh, has it really been a week since I’ve blogged? Sorry, I’ve been tangled up in the tinsel!! But I’m back on track. Are you tangled up as well? How’s the shopping going, and the parties, and the planning? Are you all ready, mid-way to madness, or haven’t even started yet? (Ummm… if you’re in the third category, may I recommend gift cards??) Are you buzzing from the combo of endless cups of coffee, Christmas cookies and candy?

Okay, let’s work our detox muscles today. Stop, take a breath. Now let’s take inventory. Where are you as of today? Look at your list, check it twice. You’ve still got a few days left, so don’t despair and feel completely overwhelmed. If you feel as if you will never get it all done, see if you can volunteer some family members to split the workload, or maybe buddy up with a few friends and work together as a team to help one another. Secondly, serious consider downsizing whatever has to be done, and give up the perfectionism that might be causing your nerves to break quicker than a fragile ornament. Finally, try to find something funny about it all – you MUST maintain a sense of humor!!!

Now about your nutrition – I know I’ve said it over and over, but just remember to eat lots of healthy foods (what I call eating clean), and eat sensibly and mindfully with all the cookies, fancy holiday meals, etc. It’s not that you can’t have it – just take it easy.

One little stress-buster I like to use is a simple breathing technique. Breath in through your nose slowly for a count of 5, hold it for 5, and then blow it out slowly for a count of 5 (like you’re blowing out birthday candles). Do this 10 times throughout the day. It will help.

We’d love to hear what’s going on – so please, write and comment on what you’re dealing with this holiday season, and how you’re coping and succeeding!


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