Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Thursdays – the day you are torn between weekly exhaustion and the exhilaration of the weekend. You’re a tired and thirsty traveler over the sands of Monday through Wednesday, and Thursday is the time where you lift up your bedraggled head and see the glimpse just over the horizon of a town and a waterfall. It gives you just enough “oomph” to get that second wind and keep on going! You’re made it – keep going, you’re almost there!

You probably don’t have enough energy today to tackle your big projects, like major holiday planning, cleaning out the garage, or even just some of the everyday tasks at hand like cleaning, cooking and unloading the dishwasher. Hey, that’s what paper plates are for!!! So let’s go gently into this, shall we, and simply exercise your “Ten Things Thursday” muscles.

You know how good it feels when you can accomplish some task that’s been nagging in the back of your head and giving you a feeling of unease? Do you get a little smile every time you put a checkmark next to that to-do list chore that you can mark off? Well, that’s what we’re going for today. One big bahonkin’ overwhelming chore on my list is to tackle my bedroom closet. Honestly, I lie in bed at night and see an eerie glow from this dark hole in my wall beckoning me to come closer – could it be a wormhole from space? No… because there is not one inch of space left there at all! I admit it, I haven’t seen the floor in weeks, my shoes party till dawn all over themselves, and I swear the clothes multiply when I’m not looking. Know what I mean? Yeah, I see heads nodding in sympathetic support. Trying to plan and find my fashionista ensembles is an Olympic event – the stepping over, the stretching, the grabbing, and the minutes lost forever trying to finding two matching shoes. My goal tonight is to take ten items out of that closet and store them away, give them away, or hang them properly.

Maybe you have the “looming closet from hell” syndrome as well? Or maybe you have a desk that you haven’t seen since January for all the stuff piled on it. Or a project you need to begin. If you have a pile of mail, open ten items and deal with them tonight – whether that means paying a bill, shredding junk mail, or responding to an invitation. If you’ve got a pile of clean laundry sitting in a lonely corner waiting to be put away, just grab ten items and put them away. Get the picture? Sound reasonable? Something you can get a handle on? OF COURSE! The thing is… you are taking little steps towards achieving the goal. And you will begin to feel like you accomplished something, that you have started to undertake something, and you’re moving forward with it – that’s a great feeling!

Uh-oh… my closet is starting to make noises like the one in the old movie “Poltergeist”, so I’d better begin taking my own advice! If you never get any more posts from me, you’ll know it was indeed a wormhole to a planet where I will be crowned “Queen of the Wild Women!” HA!


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