Monday, February 27, 2012

March Madness Monday

It’s almost time for a brand new month, can you believe it?  You have three days to prep for the March Madness Month.  Exercise your planning skills, and let’s get started.  Here’s your assignment for MARCH MADNESS:

Physical Goals:
-          On March 31st, what do you want to realistically weigh?  (Healthy weight loss 1-2 lbs/week max)
-          How many times a week in March will you exercise (3-4 average), pending, of course, your doctor’s approval?  WRITE IT DOWN ON YOUR CALENDAR just like any other important appointment, then stick to it.  Keep your gym bag in your car, set up an area in your home, but DO IT.
-          When was the last time you had an overall physical?  Pap test?  Mammogram?  Dental checkup?  Colonoscopy?  Eye exam?  Schedule one or more in March.  Call today.
Relational Goals:
-          There are four full weeks in March.  Think of four people that you’d like to reach out to, touch their lives somehow.  Family, friends, colleagues – make it a point to make them feel extra-special.  Maybe it’s leaving a note under your sweetie’s pillow, or tucking a card in your kid’s lunchbox.  Maybe it’s a breakfast meeting with a friend, or a walk in the park.  It doesn’t have to cost anything.  But the return on investment is priceless.
Financial Goals:
-          Create or update a budget for the month, and stick to it!
-          How much can you save this month?  Go MAD and see how little you can spend in March.
-          Use cash only whenever possible in March.  Keep your credit cards and debits cards to a bare minimum – this will cause you to be more intentional in any purchase when you’re using cash.
Spiritual Goals:
-          Take time each day in March to spend time in devotions/prayer/meditation.
-          Take a walk in nature and experience the beauty around you.
-          Create a gratitude/blessings journal for March.  Can be just a cheap notebook.  Each day in March write down that day’s things for which you are grateful or blessed.
Career/Education Goals:
-          What is something you’ve been really interested in exploring to add educational/career value to your life?  Is there a course you’d like to take?  Get all the info you can in March, including financial needs for the course, and sign up. 
-          Read a book in March – any book.  Divide up the pages and read a few each day. Or get a book on CD from your local library (usually free) and listen to it on your commute.  Did you know most people spend between 1,200-2,400 a year in their car?  That’s the equivalent to 1-2 University semesters.  Turn your wheels into a private classroom!
Creative Goals:
-          We are all gifted.  Explore your gifts and use them in March at least several times.  It may be a pottery class, or simply buying some inexpensive paints/pencils and drawing.  Maybe baking or cooking is your creative outlet.  Singing?  Gardening?  Writing?  Dancing?  Explore the endless options.  Be a child and grab some crayons and a coloring book and play – and color OUTSIDE THE LINES!
Remember to keep your goals S.M.A.R.T.
S - Specific  (I will lose 8 pounds in March)
M - Measurable (I will lose approximately 2 pounds a week)
A - Attainable (2 pounds a week is a healthy, attainable goal)
R - Relevant (I will feel healthier and be in better shape)
T - Time-bound (By March 31st I will weight _________)

If you have other categories besides what I’ve listed above, go for it!  Have fun - enjoy your life!!!!
Get ready… get set…. GO!!!!!!!!!!!


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